Freight Broker Agent – How to Become a Freight Agent

Being a freight broker agent is a good job to start with if you want to build a career in transportation and logistics. Indeed, the transportation industry offers a rewarding future. It can turn out as a promising place for successful career and profitable business. In fact, many people have ventured into this business path due to several advantages. It is perfect even for those who do not have a college degree. A number of extensive trainings or classes plus a strong platform from experience are enough to begin potential source of income.

Many successful brokerage firms and individual freight brokers started their careers by being a freight agent. Prior to attending in-classroom and online classes for freight brokerage business, they worked with big agencies or trusted brokers for experience. This is actually essential to gain motivation and learn valuable tools for revolutionized approach.

What to do to be a Freight Broker Agent

If you have decided to become a freight broker agent, there are few requirements and standards you must conform with. To become a freight agent, you must establish good reputation from extensive experience in order to build your customer base.  You need to have a broad understanding of the subject by acquiring formal training such as freight class or truck brokerage license classes. Aside from enrolling in freight broker training online, you can also consider taking up a program from decent freight broker schools. This will help you understand how freight brokerage business works and know basic terminologies being used when doing transactions.

Legal processes and documents must also be settled if you wish to become effective in this field. Since most agents are working under the umbrella of a freight broker or a freight brokerage firm, you have to be knowledgeable on how to deal with disputes. You are also liable on having correct insurance, bonds and licenses. Good credit score so you can get loans to pay the carrier promptly is very important.

Freight Broker Agent Needs Experience

A freight broker agent has to establish a good portfolio by having solid experience in an industry related to brokerage and cargo. While gaining that experience, you must learn to keep a list of contacts for future brokerage endeavors. Remember that when keeping a list of contacts make sure to develop a strong relationship with them.

After garnering experience in the industry and cultivating contacts and prospects, you may also venture to independent brokerage. Just make sure that before entering in the industry as independent contractor, you are prepared on how to deal with shippers and trucking companies in all situations.

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  • Jason Strong

    I appreciate this post! I’ve been looking into becoming a freight broker, and this gave me some awesome insight. Thanks for sharing!

  • Phillius Thomas

    How long to you need to be doing this before you are considered an experienced freight broker agent?

  • Cooper Pie

    Great post, and my sister has been looking for an experienced freight broker agent for a couple of weeks now. And she won’t tell me why she’s looking for one. Do I need to be worried at all?

  • greyhound bus

    i tried to be a freight broker out of my apartment after going through a training program for it . and i couldn’t get any customers by calling business out of the phone book. my savings ran out from driving truck over the road. and i lost my shurity bond insurance i needed to operate. i never had a license to be a freight broker , just a shurity bond insurance to operate. i bought that truck load training stuff for $700.00 and it says send post cards to buisnesses. ITS LIKE THEY EXPECT A CUSTOMER TO FALL OUT OF THE SKY