Freight Broker Agent – How to Become a Freight Agent

Being a freight broker agent is a good job to start with if you want to build a career in transportation and logistics. Indeed, the transportation industry offers a rewarding future. It can turn out as a promising place for successful career and profitable business. In fact, many people have ventured into this business path due to several advantages. It is perfect even for those who do not have a college degree. A number of extensive trainings or classes plus a strong platform from experience are enough to begin potential source of income.

Many successful brokerage firms and individual freight brokers started their careers by being a freight agent. Prior to attending in-classroom and online classes for freight brokerage business, they worked with big agencies or trusted brokers for experience. This is actually essential to gain motivation and learn valuable tools for revolutionized approach.

What to do to be a Freight Broker Agent

If you have decided to become a freight broker agent, there are few requirements and standards you must conform with. To become a freight agent, you must establish good reputation from extensive experience in order to build your customer base.  You need to have a broad understanding of the subject by acquiring formal training such as freight class or truck brokerage license classes. Aside from enrolling in freight broker training online, you can also consider taking up a program from decent freight broker schools. This will help you understand how freight brokerage business works and know basic terminologies being used when doing transactions.

Legal processes and documents must also be settled if you wish to become effective in this field. Since most agents are working under the umbrella of a freight broker or a freight brokerage firm, you have to be knowledgeable on how to deal with disputes. You are also liable on having correct insurance, bonds and licenses. Good credit score so you can get loans to pay the carrier promptly is very important.

Freight Broker Agent Needs Experience

A freight broker agent has to establish a good portfolio by having solid experience in an industry related to brokerage and cargo. While gaining that experience, you must learn to keep a list of contacts for future brokerage endeavors. Remember that when keeping a list of contacts make sure to develop a strong relationship with them.

After garnering experience in the industry and cultivating contacts and prospects, you may also venture to independent brokerage. Just make sure that before entering in the industry as independent contractor, you are prepared on how to deal with shippers and trucking companies in all situations.

Property Broker – How Do I Become a Property Broker

There are several things you need to consider if you wish to become a property broker. Enrolling in truck brokerage license classes or load training can help you to learn the duties and the process involving freight brokerage. Several programs and trainings are available both offline and online. You can gain a lot of valuable information about brokerage, trucking, logistics and transportation.

Training to Become a Property Broker

Freight broker training can help you gain knowledge and strategies to improve your abilities in marketing, sales, target development, personal growth and positive thinking. With solid freight broker training from seasoned brokers, you can be confident to jumpstart your own firm or work as a professional property broker which is also known as freight broker.

Blazing a new career path in this line of business is profitable. Regardless of economic status, there will always be a requirement to ship products. The significance of transportation to withstand the economic and social aspects will never fade. The field of work is not restricted with ground transportation. Property brokers also working with air or sea freight carriers. Preparing and presenting the necessary documents to clear the shipment in Customs can also be assigned to the broker.

There are numerous aspects to think about on becoming a successful property broker in the business. The step by step guide from experts will help you comprehend the complexity of the transportation industry. Freight broker books and freight broker software will definitely assist you to learn the fundamentals and strategies to get profitable career.

Knowing the Basics for Property Broker

There are three legal requirements that you need to fulfill in order to become a licensed property broker. You need to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and file application for Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority. There is a certain fee that you have to pay before you get your Motor Carrier Number and you have to wait for it to complete the process of application for property broker.

Having specific insurance and contacting an agent to process your documents are also important. In order to protect the interest of brokers, brokerage companies and the Federal Government, it is mandatory for all applicants to be insured. The agent will arrange for a surety bond or policy amounting of $10,000 before filing the proof of insurance coverage to FMCSA. There are other few forms to fill-out and file then wait for at least 6 weeks to obtain your authorization and become a licensed broker.

To sum it up, online freight broker training, registration with FMCSA and insurance are few things that can help you to become a licensed property broker.

Property Broker – Responsibilities of a Freight Broker

Have you ever been curious about what freight brokers and agents actually do? A property broker, otherwise known as freight broker, serves as the middleman between the company needing to transport their goods and the motor carrier wanting to provide the delivery service. A property broker or freight broker carries a very important responsibility in the transportation industry.

Among the main responsibilities of a property broker include searching for carriers that have the capacity and capability to meet the demands of manufacturers or shippers. With increasing outlay in transportation and a shortage in the number of carriers nowadays, becoming a licensed property broker or freight agent is a great choice for potential lucrative occupation.

Major Responsibilities of a Freight Broker

Freight brokerage is fast-paced, interesting and always in demand. It connects the transporter and the receiver with secure services to sensitive cargo or important goods. Since there are instances that require special delivery service for bulky, fragile, perishable or hazardous freight, the need for a qualified freight broker is very important.

One of the responsibilities of a property broker is to guarantee that he will find a suitable carrier for particular goods. A lot of factors and options when making a decision for a shipping company must be considered especially when transporting heavy loads. Matching the kind of cargo and the carrier is very important for safety and security.

Most of the time, a company will call a freight broker to transport goods immediately. With trusted list of agents and carriers ready to assist manufacturers for the shipment of their products, a property broker usually spend his time talking over phone. He can do the transaction via phone calls.

When dealing with manufacturers and carriers, a major factor being considered by brokers is the cost of delivery. Foods, clothes and different products we buy in the market are being delivered by shipping companies. The importance of these goods reaching our homes matters most not only to manufacturers but also to the person behind the shipping or delivery.

Freight Brokerage and Freight Brokers

Freight brokerage does not only aim to deliver us our basic commodities. Just like any other profession a property broker’s job is difficult if you do not know the basic knowledge and terminologies in the business. The responsibilities of a property broker should not be mistaken with the job description of a freight forwarder.

Although freight forwarder training can also be beneficial to brokers, freight forwarders are individuals who receive and store the goods for shipment. These are just two careers in the freight brokerage business that an individual can consider if he wants to get a good income.

Indeed, freight brokers are helping to assist companies in finding the right carriers that have a strong platform of experience in transportation. Their responsibility to bring us all the necessary commodities makes property or freight brokerage an ideal career even to those who do not have a college diploma.

Freight Broker Agent – Tips on How to Become a Freight Broker Agent

As a third party intermediary, there are certain things to accomplish before becoming a freight broker agent. Here is the list of the things you have to remember and carry out to jumpstart your career in the freight brokering business.

Freight Brokering and Freight Broker Agents

  1. Experience in the transportation industry and working for manufacturer or trucking company is a natural first step. You will gain sufficient information and understanding about the whole operation if you have experience in the industry.
  2. Freight broker agent training and freight broker books available online will provide knowledge and strategies for marketing, sales, operations and licensing in the transportation industry. Taking advantage of online classes will help you practice and learn the fundamentals of the business.   Parallel to in-classroom training, you can obtain the overview of the career and the regulations surrounding the industry.
  3. Having strong communication skills is a plus factor to become a successful freight broker agent. You have to develop a far-reaching contact list. Having a network of shippers and truckers can help you build your customer base. By talking to them, you can establish a constant business relationship.
  4. Establishing a good reputation and proficiency in the field locally is also important. You can geo-target your business by focusing on a particular region or city. You can also evaluate the market demand for specialized services like heavy loads, perishable goods or fragile items.
  5. You have to discover your shipper’s needs and desires. Make sure you know how to cover all the bases with prospective customers by being thorough. Pay close attention to all the details like the time and place of pickup and delivery, method of transport, etc..

Tips for Freight Broker Agent on Handling Tasks

  1. Once the company hires you for assistance, you can then talk about your commission fee. You can check loading boards online each morning.
  2. Find a trustworthy trucking company that offer suitable services for the goods. You can also have agreement with various trucking companies to be your partner.
  3. You can send a contract to the trucking company containing all the information. They will need to sign off and send it back once they agree to take the goods.
  4. You can then call the manufacturer or shipper to let them know the schedule of pickup and delivery. Just make sure there will be no delays on the shipment by staying in touch with the driver to ensure everything is progressing well.
  5. Inform the manufacturer or shipper immediately when the goods have been delivered. You can pay the trucking company for the delivery service then send an invoice to the manufacturer or shipper for your fees.

You can be more occupied if you have your own freight brokerage company than working as freight broker agent. You must have excellent funds or good credit score to get loans that you may need to run the company. You have to pay the trucking service promptly. Insurance, bonds and licenses are also your responsibility.

Freight Broker Agent – Job Description of a Freight Broker Agent

Freight broker agents have great opportunities and virtually unlimited earning potential in the transportation industry. The primary duty of a freight agent is to coordinate with the company that needs trucking services for their cargo. Since many businesses are involved with transporting their goods, hiring a freight broker agent to assist a company in the entire process of shipping turns out to be more affordable than employing a full-time personnel.

The Work of a Freight Broker Agent

The job description for freight brokers and freight agents are almost identical. In fact, most successful brokers started as agents. Same thing with the broker’s job, freight broker agent is the one to contact manufacturers or shippers to get the cargo. He also calls the trucking companies to take the goods and prepare the documents needed for the shipment before forwarding to his broker to process the payment.

For those not familiar with freight brokerage, let’s look at an overview of a freight broker agent’s job. Their main objective is to ensure that incoming and outgoing shipments are done properly and timely. They look for credible shipping company that caters their needs and meets their requirements. Since they are in charge with the transportation of goods, they are responsible for determining the most expedient route.

There are just few differences between freight broker and freight broker agent. They are both individual contractors who operate and earn their income from the sale of brokerage services. However, freight agents are working under the protection of a broker’s license, insurance coverage and surety bond. Since a freight agent work without financial risk, he must share his earnings with his sponsoring broker.

Freight broker agents mostly do transactions over the phone or the internet and they rarely come into actual meeting. They just have to make sure that they hire credible people for the delivery of cargo and take consideration on the affordability of the carrier.

Why Do Companies Hire Freight Broker Agent

No matter how slapdash the economy, commodities are still in demand and need to be transported to the market. The increase for the delivery services is very evident. Even with high amount of transportation expenses, manufacturers still have to make sure their products are delivered promptly to different places. There are numerous motor carriers willing to ship goods provided that they agree upon the deal with a freight broker or freight broker agent. Since most manufacturers are looking for carriers to haul their products in a safe and affordable way, they choose to hire a freight agent to handle the operation with the delivery company. This procedure is much easier for them than hiring a workforce to assist them when they need service for the cargo.

Freight broker agent has significant responsibility. It requires a formal training and good set of contact lists to be successful.